Shared Space-Hive. 12x15 in.

Shared Space-Bees. 20x20 in.

Shared Space-Feather. 20x20in.

Venus Series-Hive, #1

Venus Series-Color. 16x20 in. - Copy

Venus Series, Light

Venus Series, Woven

Venus Series, Stones

Venus Series, Moth

Venus Series, Connections

Venus series hive #2

Venus Series, Blown #3

embody grain

Venus Series, Blown #1

Venus Series, Blown #4

Venus Series, Blown #2

Shared Space-Clouds. 10x12 in.

on the inside 1. 15x20 in.

on the inside 2. 15x20 in.

Safety Net #2. 24x32 in.

Safety Net # 1. 18x24 in.

Shared Space- Sky. 20x20 in.

Flock #1. 9x13 in.

Backbone Series- Petals and Wings, #1. 15x30 in.

backbone p and w 1



day of dead 3

day of dead 2

winged shadow

day of dead 1

Have Reverence WEB - Copy copy




three graces

Taking Root-Birds 2x4 ft

Taking Root- Bees. 2x4 ft.

HN Tiger #2

Human Nature-Owl #1. 2 panels 10x20 in. each.

Peacock Dance 2

hn owl 2

HN Tiger #1

hn cougar

hn oragn

Color of Fire, 1

Cloud Dance

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