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    Mika began her collegiate studies in Kansas, attending Butler County College and Wichita State University, receiving both her Associates and Bachelor degrees. She then studied in Italy, at the International School of Painting and Drawing and went on to earn her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Oregon. She has since exhibited at venues nationwide, from Santa Fe to Kansas City and up and down the West Coast. Beyond her studio work, Mika designs public art projects, illustrates children's books, operates an internet gallery, teaches art classes, and collaborates with wildlife organizations, like the Honey Bee Conservancy in New York City.  

   Over the past decade Mika has worked in a variety of genres, including painting, sculpture, and performance art. "Although I focus on certain subjects, like bees, I use different materials to create with," she says. "It keeps me engaged and challenged." Her recent paintings are constructed in a truly unique way, layering pencils, paints, inks, and pastels on non-traditional materials; for example, she abandons traditional canvas for tapestry forms, reminiscent of Tibetan prayer flags or Japanese scrolls. Her recent studio work brings together figures and spiritual icons with wildlife, especially pollinators.  

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